A meteorite is a fragment of rock or metal     
that has reached the surface of the Earth     
from outer space. These fragments are
remnants of asteroids, comets, or other
celestial bodies that have collided with each
other in space. Meteorites can vary in size,
from microscopic particles to large masses.
Each meteorite in our catalog has been
carefully selected and authenticated to
ensure its extraterrestrial origin. Explore
the infinite cosmos through these incredible
fragments and bring a piece of the universe
into your space to enjoy and appreciate for
Meteorite image
1. Meteoroid: Before entering the
atmosphere, the object is called a
2. Meteor: When a meteoroid penetrates
the Earth’s atmosphere, it is called a
meteor. Friction with the atmosphere at
high speeds causes extreme heating due to
the compression of air in front of the object.
3. Desintegration o fragmentation: Intense
friction and heat can fragment or vaporize
the meteoroid completely before it reaches
the surface.
4. Meteorite: If the object manages to pass
through the atmosphere without completely
disintegrating, it reaches the Earth’s surface
and becomes a meteorite.

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