Making history since 1993

We are a proudly mexican brand.

Our company

We are Mineralia, a Mexican company that, since 1993, has specialized in the production and distribution of minerals and fossils, as well as various decorative elements and designs derived from these, such as jewelry, home accessories, lamps, furniture and pieces of collection.


Proud of our origin, we are an important engine for the local economy, since we exhibit at an international level a large number of crafts inspired in the region.

Through time, we have evolved with dedication, passion, emotion and creativity, supporting ourselves with the skills of the best artisans that have been forged in our workshops.


Day by day MineraliA consolidates itself as a unique company in the market. Our commitment is to provide high-level and quality products at the best price in a competitive market.


We have a wide range of onyx and marble, as well as minerals of various colors and textures such as fluorite, calcite, obsidian, jasper, quartz, etc.


We are a production company, we have the capacity to produce up to 30,000 pieces per month according to the requirements of our clients. All this elaborated in an artisan way with high quality control and excellent workmanship, resulting in added value to each of our products.


We have a distribution center in the city of Tehuacán, Puebla; where are located the silver and mineral jewelry production plant, the onyx workshop and the corporate offices.

Giving a total of 9000m2 of extension, being one of the largest facilities in Mexico and Latin America in its field.

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